Employee Manual Template

A simple and easy to use employee manual template is added here on this page to assist users like you when making employee manual for a business or company. An employee manual that is also known as an employee handbook is a document prepared by employer or company for its employees. Employee manual consists of useful information about company policies and procedures that each and every employee of the company must follow when performing his or her duty during working hours. In other words, an employee manual or employee handbook is compilation of the policies, procedures, working conditions and behavioral expectations that guide an employee to work within the workplace accordingly. With help of well drafted employee manual, an employee can understand and perform his or her duty effectively to get paid in return. An employee manual template can help you to make up en employee manual quickly.

Usually employee manual delivered to a worker upon their first day of employment but these are not only for new employees because they also help existing employee to refresh their memories about working procedures and policies of the company or business. Employers mention all the company policies in an employee manual to protect themselves from lawsuits such as harassment claims and wrongful termination claims etc. A detailed employee manual helps an organization or business run more smoothly by outlining the basic do’s and don’ts of the workplace that each employee must follow during working hours. Employee manual has a lot of benefits for both employees and employers so it should be prepared carefully with all necessary details and information. As a new businessman, if you want to draft an employee manual for your company or business, you are strongly recommended to get assistance from our prepared employee manual template when doing this.

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Employee Manual Template

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